About Face  (d)

About Face (d)

Had alot of fun making these! Even though this is an artistic soap, know that when you buy this soap, you are paying for the all natural awsome ingredients I especially formulated for the face. They were made using a process called French Press, orTtripple Bached. This process ensures that in the making of the soap, no delicate ingredients are compromised, thus all there nutrient qualities remane undamaged . I put together a formula that I would want to use on my own face, and have passed it on to you. Enjoy!

  • Ingredients:

    All organic and all natural. Made with coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, cold pressed olive oil, rose hip oil, hemp oil, caster oil, activated charcoal, dead sea mud (straight from the dead sea and packed with micro nutrients), rose kaolyn clay, madder root powder, coconut cream, aloe vera pulp (from my own plant), and all natural cosmedic grade mineral powders for color. Scented with 100% pure and organic  peppermint and tea tree oils. 

  • Picture:

    Picture is printed on Solvey Paper and will disolve on contact with water.